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Internet Radio Schedule



Emmanuel Baptist Church - Johnson City, TN        8:00am and re-air at 6:00pm

Church Bulletin Board          12:00pm    



Church Bulletin Board          12:00pm  



Church Bulletin Board          12:00pm  



Church Bulletin Board          12:00pm  



Church Bulletin Board          12:00pm  



New Manna Baptist Church, Marion, NC          8:00am and re-air at 6:00pm



"Sunday Side Up" Show, Calgary Alberta, Canada          12:00pm (two hour show)




*We at Gods Chosen Few may or may not agree with some of the teachings with the bible study program. We all should study to prove ourselves worthy.

Schedule is always subject to change, times can be at times (+ or -) up to 5 mins. We try to keep the schedule as close to the time as possible.

We broadcast 24hrs a day 7 days a week. We reboot our servers at-least one time a day at different times, we try to only do this when no one is online.  If you happen to try to listen in when we are doing this just wait a couple minutes and try again, you can also refresh your browser and that will refresh the feed.

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